Career Fair


Career Fair

Back by popular demand, we are bringing back the Career Fair at the ICNA-MAS Convention. The career fair is a career counseling event with experts from over 25 industries available for career counseling, resume writing, and building interview skills. Best of all, its totally “FREE” for registered attendees. Don’t Miss it!

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    This year ICNA-MAS would like to present facts about: What does it mean to have faith in God, The Creator of all that exists?  How is it expressed in everyday life? How does faith make us better human beings?

    Then when we have faith in The Creator how do we submit to Him? How important is it to submit to The Almighty in order to grow spiritually? What happens when man submits to his desires and ego? Customs and heresies? Falsehood and evil?

    Finally when a Muslim says he/she believes in Allah, Lord and Master of the creation what are his duties to his fellow human beings, the rest of the creation and the environment in which he lives. How should he treat God’s creation? What are his/her responsibilities with regards to the social maladies of society? How can a Muslim make this world a better and more peaceful place?

    Thus the theme chosen for this year’s convention is Islam: Purpose. Compassion. Service.

    Renowned speakers and thinkers from across the United States will gather to shed light on these very fundamental principles of Islam. They will tell how through faith, submission and service the hearts were ignited and the light of Islam reached every nook and corner of this globe. And it is through faith, submission and service we can make this world as better place.

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YM Conference

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