Full detail Program Guide for 2014 coming soon!

Alhamdulillah, we are excited to share tentative program highlights. We urge you to register today to take advantage of the many learning opportunities available at our annual convention. There is something for everyone.  Please remember the convention in your duas. 

    Islam: Service to Humanity

    • •Amanah: Giving Back
    • •The “Other” America: Crisis of Poverty and Inequality
    • •Muslim Communities and the Welfare of Our Neighbors

    Islam Misunderstood

    • •Addressing Negative Propaganda about Islam
    • •Jihad: Not the Way Towards War, But Towards Peace
    • •Activism in Islam: Be Engaged

    Muslim Families: Anchors of the Faith

    • •“Every one of You is a Shepherd and is Responsible for His (Her) Flock”
    • •The Ties of Kinship: A Social Nightmare or Heavenly Peace
    • •Marriage: Will Family Life Slow Me Down?
    • •Is Allah the Center of Our Lives?

    Why Faith Matters?

    • •What Does Islam Stands For?
    • •The Alphabet Soup: Creationism, Humanism, Atheism, Secularism … more!
    • •Grounded in the Faith: An Essential Guide to Knowing What We Believe and Why
    • •Truth Matters: Confident Faith in a Confusing World
    • •“The true religion with Allah is Islam” [3:19]

    Liberated Through Submission

    • •Submission Is Not A Dirty Word
    • •How to submit as God instructed?  Why is Submission so Hard?
    • •Examples of Rebellion and Consequences

    Exclusive Session for Sisters Only

    Camali Show – Entertainment for Young Kids

    Civic Engagement

    • •“Love For your Brother What you Love for Yourself” – Prophet Mohammad (saw)
    • •Launching Communitywide Efforts: Partnering Together for Inclusion
    • •Family of Abraham – The Quest for Truth
    • •Creating a Culture of Dialogue and Mutual Enrichment

    Keynote Session – ISLAM: Faith. Submission. Service

    • •Belief in Allah (Faith) is the Sign of Life
    • •Our Duty and Our Mission
    • •Service to Mankind is Service to God
    • •Reason to Believe: Why Islam Makes Sense
    • •“Do righteous deeds: it may be that you attain true success” [22:77]

    The Fragrance of Faith

    • •Priority One: What Allah (SWT) Wants
    • •Lives of Faith: Moving Towards Full Participation
    • •Made for His Pleasure
    • •Jannah: A Promise That Never Fails

    Islamic Nasheeds and Stand-up Comedy

    • • This year we invited Nasheed Artist from….

    What’s Your Goal? Purpose of Life

    • •The American Dream
    • •Take Your Heart Back! What is meant by “idolizing” something?
    • •What is the meaning of life? What’s it all about?

    Life’s Challenges

    • •Addiction and Stress
    • •Is Life Fair?
    • •What is the Reason to Live? What are We Living For?


    Life after Death

    • •Choices and Their Consequences
    • •The Strategy of Satan

    New Muslims / Revert Stories


    Call of Duty (3 hours workshop)

    •Learn How to Give Dawah.  WhyIslam and Hamza Tzortzis bring you an extensive interactive Dawah workshop teaching us how to talk to people of other faiths about Islam, convincingly and in a structured way. Learn what to do with all those uncomfortable questions that people always ask. Build your confidence to become a true dawah leader in your community!


    Dawah Field Trip

    • •Dawah Workshop will be followed by Street Dawah in Inner Harbor

    •The Trail to Inner Peace

    •Achieving Inner Peace and Tranquility in Our Lives

    •Khushoo in Salah – Magnificance Waits for Us!

    •Too Busy for Quran? Tips to get rolling

    •Why is Submission so Hard?

    •Humility is my table, respect is my garment, empathy is my food and curiosity is my drink

    •Awakening Our Hearts, Feeding Our Souls, Growing in Faith and Sharing with Others

    Argue and Fight Less, Understand and Love More

    • •Interactive Workshop on Practical Tips and Techniques for Great Parent-Child Communication

    First Seek to Understand, then to be Understood


    Two more talk show style parenting session

    •Aligning Beliefs and Values

    •Marriage Expectations: Needs, Wants and Desires

    •Decision Making Abilities and Signs of Concern

    •Pre-Marital Counseling: Why and How?

    •Roles and Authority in Marriage: Expectations and Other Issues

    •Love, Dating and Marriage: An Islamic Perspective

    •Gender Relations: Is it OK to be just friends?

    •Modesty: Character as Simplicit

    •Interactive Q&A

    •Covenant and Trust: Defining Marriage

    •Love: Giving and Receiving

    •Communication: Conflict Resolution

    •How to be a Perfect Husband?

    •What Husbands can do to Build a Stronger Marriage

    •Anger Management: Reigning It In

    •Ego: Our Potential Downfall

    •Shamelessness: The Ultimate Goal of  Satan

    •Working with the Media to Represent Muslims

    •Working in the field

    •As an Advocate for civil rights

    •Alternative Media Organizations

    •What do I need to know as an American Muslim about Civil Freedoms?

    •Legal precedents: entrapment, agent provocateurs

    •Political activism within the Muslim community

    •Activism on a national level

    •Activism on a local level

    •You have not failed yet, there is still time!

    •Hardships and the Path of Allah (SWT)

    •Gratitude: Character in Celebration

    •Simplify Your Life! Reclaiming Your Heart, Mind, Time in an Achievement Driven Environment

    •Put First Things First!  Prioritize Your Goals

    •This Life: A Prison or Paradise?

    •Courage: Character in Crises

    •Our Choice: Proactive vs. Reactive

    •Begin with the End in Mind

    •Volunteer: Choose to Serve Your Local Neighborhood

    •Ideas for Recruiting, Retaining, Motivating and Rewarding Your Volunteers

    •“Love For your Brother What you Love for Yourself”

    •Quranic Guidance for Muslim Organizations

    •Community: The Structure of Belonging

    •Origin of Dissatisfaction and its Remedies

    •Fundraising for Non-Profits

    •Endowment Development

    •Forbid Evil, Enjoin Good: A Quality Essential for the Muslim Community

    •When Evil Schemes Seem to Triumph: Trials Serve as Reminders

    •“Allah Calls You to the Abode of Peace” [10:25]

    •Senior Muslim Citizens of America:  Their Concerns and Possible Solutions

    Topics – TBD

    •Organizational Dimensions of Islamic Schools

    •The Role of Islamic schools in the future of American Muslim Society

    •Strictness and Leniency in Teaching: Finding the Balance

    •Role of Diversity and Racial Awareness in Classrooms

    •Teaching Children the Love of Learning and Time Management

    •Personal Empowerment through NLP:

    • Build strong relationships with yourself and others
    • Get control of your own brain
    • Identify & break through limiting beliefs
    • Develop beliefs that all successful people share
    • Change likes (e.g. junk food) to dislikes (e.g. roten food)
    • Utilize language more elegantly & more effectively
    • Understand the real meaning behind words people use
    • Achieve peak performance states of your mind & body with ease
    • Set & achieve your goals inspite of challenges
    • Reframe life situations to make the most of them

    Arabic Language – 2 Sessions

        •Yes, I CAN Learn Arabic!

    •Don’t miss this. Come, Experience the amazing results within 2 hours!

    Learn Quran in 48 Hours – 2 Sessions

      •Training Workshop for Qur’an Teachers

    Traditional Calligraphy

    5 Keys to Learning Arabic Calligraphy – Interactive



    Middle East

    South East Asia




    Healthcare Advocacy

    How to Keep a Healthy Heart

    Professional Group Networking

    Arabic – 2 sessions

    Urdu – 3 sessions

    Bangla – 1 session

    Spanish – 2 sessions
    la_fe_mueve_montañasPrimer día: La fe mueve montañas
    sábado 24 de Mayo, 10:00 pm – 12:00 am
    Por Hernán Abu Uthman Guadalupe
    Fundador de Hablamos Islam





    Segundo día: Su-misión 2014
    domingo 25 de Mayo, 10:00 am – 11:30 am
    Por Br Abu Sumayyah Wesley (AbdurRazzaq Abu Sumayyah) Lebron
    Estudiante de último año en la Universidad Islámica de Northeamérica (Mishkah University)
    Facebook event page:

    Women’s Wellness (Sisters Only)

    Date: Sunday May 25th 2014
    Time: 9:00 pm – 10:30 pm
    Rooms: 328-329…
    Theme: Ramadan Guide to nutrition and fitness 2014

    Speaker: Sr Zainab Ismail
    Moderator: Sr Nahela Morales

    Ramadan Guide to nutrition and fitness 2014
    This class will be a reminder of Ramadan’s virtuous deeds along with professional nutritional and exercise advice. We will discuss how to set our Ramadan nutrition/fitness goals, make a plan to complete them and make intentions to have a healthier experience. You will be provided with a sample Ramadan menu and exercise program to maintain health and weight in this special month. We will answer frequently asked questions about nutrition and exercise during Ramadan. A guide to success inside and out.

    If its you are new to fasting this will be a great way to learn how to make your Ramadan experience a healthier one Insha Allah.

    I will demonstrate the Ramadan beginner workout all are welcome to participate. Bring comfortable clothing if participating.
    Facebook Event page:

    You are invited!
    877-WHY-ISLAM Special Revert Sessions @ ICNA-MAS 2014

    Date: Sunday May 25th 2014
    Time: 11:45 am – 1:15 pm…
    Rooms: 316-317
    Theme: Our Faith lead us to Submit and now we are servants!

    Panelist: Br Cyrus McGoldrick, Sr Alejandra Ummsumayyah Aquino, Br Muhammad Abdul-Ali, Sr Nusaiba Martha Guerrero-Macias
    Moderator: Sr Nahela Morales

    “[This is] a Book which We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], that you might bring mankind out of darkness into the light by permission of their Lord to the path of the Exalted in Might, the Praiseworthy.” [al-Quran 14:1]

    Please share and invite your friends and family: