Quran CompetitionQuran Competition

Quran Competition

In sha Allah, this year Quran Competition will be held on Sunday, May 24, @ 2 pm - room 330

YM ConferenceYM Conference

YM Conference

Another heartwarming YM Conference has been put together for you!

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    This year ICNA-MAS Convention would provide the information for our fellow Americans to understand Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) universal message of peace and love and his role in building the foundations of a movement devoted to truth and social justice. The Prophet has inspired humanity for the last fourteen centuries with his message of faith in One God and his caring and compassion for all human beings. In this convention we aim to address how Muhammad (pbuh) instituted universal principles of human dignity, justice, fairness, consultation, tolerance and forgiveness, equality of individuals regardless of race or ethnicity, and peaceful co-existence among the nations and peoples of the world. It is because of these and the countless other high-minded principles of Islam that Muhammad began with a small band of followers in seventh century Arabia and that group has now grown to a global community of 1.8 billion, a fourth of the world’s population. Influencing their lives from prayer to politics, instructions on personal hygiene to the need to think and reflect in order to recognize the Signs of God everywhere, this one man continues to uplift and give purpose to the lives of millions. His message is fully relevant and needed in our world today with all its conflict and suffering.
    We hope that this timely theme will provide a platform for scholars, both Muslim and non-Muslim, to come together to share their thoughts, to dialogue, and to strive for mutual understanding and appreciation. We will see this as a wonderful opportunity to make plain the misinformation about Muhammad (peace be upon him), and then to share our rich heritage and tradition through the true narrative of the final messenger to humanity, Muhammad, about whom Allah SWT says in the Quran, “And We have not sent you except as a mercy to mankind” (21:107).




The ICNA-MAS Convention mobile application for 2015 was released today. This free app, available for Android and iPhone users, offers several features like creating personal program schedule, bio of all speakers, bazaar map, instant program updates and a convenient way to follow convention Tweets.

Click here to download app

Click here to download app